FODMAP Free Mom was created to help families who have chosen to follow a low FODMAP diet in order to help alleviate painful IBS symptoms. Our site is here to show you that a low FODMAP diet can still include many of the foods you and your family love without the stomach aches! Most of our recipes are low FODMAP friendly, gluten free, lactose free, and we feature many that are safe for those living with fructose malabsorption.


Fructose Free Mom

Welcome! I’m Karina, a busy single mom, with two jobs, two kids, and three cats. My journey began a couple of years ago when my son (TQ) was diagnosed with oral allergy syndrome. As an avid cook, baker and recipe enthusiast, I have a huge collection of recipes. My goal was to make my favorite recipes work with TQ’s new diet. Now most of my recipes are gluten free, lactose free and FODMAP friendly.

I’m Kelly! I love sharing low FODMAP recipes to help families enjoy the foods they love together while still being safe for those avoiding foods high in FODMAPS. Because nobody wants to cook separate dishes for everyone!