My Eat Anything Supplement Review

Today I wanted to talk about my new find, Eat Anything. I actually found it by accident on Amazon. One of my ‘Related Products’ was a food enzyme product called Eat Anything. I’m a skeptic about everything, but for some reason I clicked to learn more. So, here is my Eat Anything supplement review. Interestingly, I learned that it contained the same enzyme that I use for TQ on special occasions when I know he’s going to go over on his fructose for the day.

We have used Fructaid in the past because it contains the enzyme xylose isomerase, which helps convert fructose to glucose in the small intestine. That ultimately means less gas, discomfort and easier digestion.  It has been a serious help! And I would recommend it for special occasions. Eat Anything also contains the enzyme xylose isomerase. In addition, it has other enzymes to help digest beans, lactose and wheat. Seriously, too good to be true right? Well, my interest was peeked as we’ve used all those enzymes separately for digestive relief in the past (i.e. Lactaid, Beano and FructosAid).

Finding digestive balance.

Here’s what happened.

Our first adventure took us to a trip downtown to the museum over spring break. Not known for having many gluten free options, this was the perfect opportunity to pack our new find. TQ’s lunch included a regular burger and fries, no GF bun. That evening I waited for the tummy ache and nothing happened. Good sign. He had no ill effects at all! Now, this was a pretty simple meal, not exactly packed with fructose but usually he would have trouble with the gluten in the bun.

Our second try was a little more dramatic. We were home for a family Easter celebration. TQ was feeling so confident he really over indulged. (I was kind of nervous admittedly). He ate ham, regular mac and cheese, three Hawaiian rolls, fruit kabobs with strawberries, pineapple and cantaloupe, deviled eggs, and because it was Easter, a half bag of jelly beans. Yikes! Serious overindulging and not one digestive problem. Well, that just sold him! I have to say I was little amazed myself.

Happy teen enjoying burger
Happy teen enjoying burger

Eat Anything has been a real help for a teen trying to fit in.

TQ has since taken it when he went to a pizza joint with buddies and a burger joint. We have used it for a family party where he consumed a rather large piece of regular cake! And eating out is not as much of a challenge. Recently, he attended his 8th grade trip to Washington DC and ate everything all the other kids ate and never had an issue! Wow!

My final takeaway on Eat Anything is this: I am not suggesting that it will replace our regular gluten free and low fructose diet. But, it does decrease the level of anxiety my teen feels when going out with buddies. He’s at the age where fitting in is very important. I think it’s a great help for special treats or events. I think he feel as though he has been liberated. While we have used Fructaid and Eat Anything, I definitely feel that Eat Anything is more all encompassing if you have other issues in addition to fructose.

Has anyone else tried this? Have you had success? I would love to hear your experiences.

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