Gluten free loaded layered fries

Loaded Layered Fries

Confession: My kids won’t eat leftovers. Anyone else feel my pain? That means I need to come up with creative ideas to use dinner food we don’t finish. When my son recently asked me what was for dinner, I panicked because I knew leftover sloppy joes would yield groans. After some quick thinking I realized I could take the fries I planned to serve as a side and make them into a fun new main course; a tasty batch of loaded layered fries! Featuring my favorite sloppy joe meat, corn and cheese, no one complained about leftovers for once!

Fries loaded with yumminess
Sloppy joe layered fries

This couldn’t be easier

I always have frozen fries ready to go in the freezer for quick sides. Look for fries that have no additives or spices that may not agree with sensitive systems. Bake at 400 degrees until golden brown – usually about 20 minutes. Heat up the leftover  ground meat, and veggies. I used corn, but this would be good with beans, cauliflower, eggplant or any shredded green (which I add to every meal). And my sloppy joe meat usually has some finely shredded greens (like spinach) and red pepper to the mix. Kids have to eat their veggies! Grate up some cheddar cheese or cheese of choice.

Gluten free loaded layered fries with sloppy joe meat, corn and cheddar cheese
Gluten free loaded layered fries with sloppy joe meat, corn and cheddar cheese

Ready, set, layer!

Once the fries are browned nicely in the oven you are ready to assemble. Start with a layer of the fries on the plate. Next, top the fries with some sloppy joe meat or ground meat. Follow that with some veggie. Pile on some cheese to melt.  That becomes gooey and yummy in between the fries and toppings. Dinner is served! The kids were dazzled!

What do you think?  What will you layer? I would love some new ideas! Let me know!

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Gluten free loaded layered fries with sloppy joe meat, corn and cheddar cheese

Loaded Layered Fries

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  • Yield: 4 servings 1x



1 16 oz package frozen french fries

4 servings sloppy joe meat

1 cup corn*

1 cup grated cheese 


Cook the fries according to package instructions. 

While the fries are cooking, heat up the sloppy joe meat and the corn. 

Once fries are done, divide them onto four plates and top with the meat, corn and 1/4 cup of the cheese. 

Serve immediately. 


*You can substitute with one cup of your preferred vegetable. Try squash, cauliflower, tomato, or red pepper. 

  • Author: Karina K.
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