gluten free dinner recipe

Low FODMAP Potato and Cabbage Hash

Hi everyone! Time for another quick meal idea.  This low FODMAP potato and cabbage hash can be on your table in a flash. We all find ourselves surveying the fridge in desperation some evenings, hoping something magical will leap out and prepare itself for dinner. Sadly, nothing did leap out, but I found half of a cabbage that needed to be eaten. Cabbage happens to be a consistent staple in our fridge as it is a safe veggie for TQ’s fructose malabsorption, and is low FODMAP friendly. I had the leftover cabbage, but what else? I found a few strips of uncooked bacon, green herbs and the pantry held a stock of different potatoes. Voila! A new recipe was born.

Let’s get this potato and cabbage hash started:


Start by chopping the bacon strips into bite sized pieces. Heat a big skillet over medium heat. Add a tablespoon or two of ghee to the pan to get it started with the bacon. While the bacon is browning, chop the cabbage into shreds.

My first tip for getting dinner on the table quicker: Microwave 3 or 4 potatoes for 3 minutes (make sure to pick them a couple of times otherwise they might explode)  Be careful handling the potatoes once they are par-baked they are very hot. Ask me how I know.  Carefully, dice or slice the hot potatoes. (Or to save more time, use frozen diced potatoes.)


Remove the browned bacon from the pan to prevent it from burning. Place it on a paper towel to allow any excess fat to drain.

Add the veggies to the pan. I didn’t bother draining the fat from the pan as it was minimal, and so many other veggies will be added. Toss the veggies gently and spread it out in an even layer to cook. Next, place the lid over the pan and let it cook for 5 minutes (medium heat).


Meanwhile as it’s cooking:

Gather whatever herbs you have on hand. I used parsley (1/4 cup) and two green onion tops. Allow the hash to cook for 5 minutes or so. Carefully lift the lid and flip the hash using a spatula making sure all of the cabbage gets cooked. Sprinkle a generous teaspoon of salt and pepper over the hash. I cooked the hash for approximately 15 -20 minutes ensuring that all the cabbage was softened and potatoes were developing crispy edges.

Important tip: If you find that the hash is getting dry, add a little water  – 1/2 cup that keeps the hash moist and prevents burning. I did add water on two occasions as I did not want to add more fat to the pan. Water helps soften the cabbage as well.

The final touches:

easy cabbage hash low FODMAP

Sprinkle on your reserved bacon,  herbs and onions and it’s ready to serve – very tasty! I especially like my low FODMAP potato and cabbage hash with a sunny side up egg. The golden yolk acts as a creamy sauce that marries it altogether. It makes me happy.

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gluten free dinner recipe

Low FODMAP Potato and Cabbage Hash

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1/2 head cabbage

3 baked potatoes, peeled and cubed

4 strips of bacon

green onions


Chop up the cabbage. 

Cook bacon in a deep pan. 

Once bacon is desired doneness, remove from pan and place on a paper towel to drain. 

Add cabbage and potatoes to the pan and spread in an even layer.

Cook for 15 minutes, flipping vegetables midway, or until potatoes are brown and crispy.  

Serve hash on a plate topped with the reserved bacon and green onion tops. 

Add a fried egg. (Optional)

  • Author: Karina K.
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    • Hey now, that’s a great idea! I think you could easily swap out veggies to meet your needs. The groceries are now carrying all kinds of “riced veggies” so it would cook up really fast as well. I think I would start the potatoes first though. If you try it before me – report back!

  1. Both the boys really liked this! And, apparently, having hash with ketchup is a British thing 🙂 The only changes I made were using chicken broth instead of water to keep the hash from drying out and cooking some turkey bacon separately to serve at the table. And I love that some of this can be done ahead – slicing the cabbage, par-cooking the potatoes, etc.

    • Broth – yes! That is a great idea! I’ve heard of people eating hash with ketchup before – I personally have never tried it. But, I’m happy to hear they both enjoyed it! Super easy weeknight meal 🙂

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